Steel structures

We prepare steel structure designs for both our lines and energy stations departments and external clients.
Each project is preceded by an analysis so as to propose the most economical technical solutions adapted to the ground and climatic conditions and customer requirements.

All components can be designed with the greatest possible accuracy, and the entire structure tested in real conditions at specialized test stations.

We also analyze existing structures in terms of their durability, take into account new loads and possible modifications.

As part of the capital group, we have the support of engineers designing structures used in seismic hazard zones and the most severe climatic conditions.

Our construction designers in India
Our construction designers after successful tests at a factory in India
Pole design
Pole design
Structure detailing
Detailing in Tekla Structures
Structure detailing
Detailing in Tekla Structures

Structure designs

Our Construction Department develops all constructions for the projects we implement, in addition, we made:

The subject of the project development Investor Time limit for completion
Lattice towers detailed design for third 330 kV connection Latvia-Estonia Augstsprieguma tīkls AS 2020
Corrections to project documentation for the construction of the 220 kV line Glinki-Recław, and 400 kV Bydgoszcz Zachód-Piła Krzewina PSE Centralna Jednostka Inwestycyjna 2017
PExecutive project. Lattice poles of the NN / 220 kV line. Adaptation of M52 series column constructions to the requirements of PN-E-05100-1: 1998 Polskie Sieci ElektroEnergetyczne Wschód 2007