Power lines

Many years in this highly specialized branch and a lot of demanding projects gave us international experience, unique perspectives and specialistic knowledge in the field of counselling with the most difficult project of power lines.

power line

Experience and knowledge let us develop efficient and reliable solutions that optimize costs and deadlines.


Power stations

The construction of a power station requires consideration of many aspects specific to the construction of this type of facility. Demanding increasing bandwidth while focusing on security, economy and environmental protection is a challenge for engineers.

power station

We guarantee optimal solutions for each project and carry out all necessary administrative processes.


Renewable energy sources

We provide comprehensive services at all stages of renewable energy development. From feasibility and concept studies, planning and design, to construction assistance, network connection, control and operation.

wind turbine

We strive to find safe and cost-effective solutions for all projects, adapted to demanding environmental conditions, designed in harmony with nature and with the least operational risk.


Steel structures

We prepare steel structure designs for both our lines and energy stations departments and external clients. All components can be designed with the greatest possible accuracy, and the entire structure tested in real conditions.

steel structure

As part of the EFLA capital group, we have the support of engineers designing structures used in seismic hazard zones and the most severe climatic conditions.


Advisory Services

logo EFLAThe EFLA Group has been involved in planning and design in various segments of the construction industry in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, France, Finland, Canada, Poland, Latvia and Greenland, as well as in Africa for over 40 years. As part of the capital group, we have access to the latest technical solutions and knowledge of our colleagues from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Scotland, Germany and Turkey.

We provide services in the field of environmental protection, road design, bridges, specialized buildings and other engineering facilities.