Power lines

Stable energy transfer from power plants to consumers is a key element in the existence of modern society

energy lineThe investment process of constructing the power line is characterized by a high degree of complexity due to both the scale and the conditions specific to linear facilities. In addition to aspects related to the construction of power facilities, there is also the need to obtain the consent of the owners of all properties through which the planned investment will pass. It is important that the areas for power lines are not bought by the investor, but only a limited right in rem in the form of transmission easement is established. After construction, these areas can (after some restrictions) be still used as intended by their owners. The construction of power lines is always preceded by detailed tests and analyzes, allowing to ensure the safe operation of the facility after its implementation.

Power lines can be implemented in two available technologies - as overhead or cable (underground). The cheapest and most widespread solution is the use of cables stretched above the ground for the transmission of electricity using supporting structures - poles. The height of the line above the terrain, and what is associated with it - also the size of the poles and the density of their arrangement, are correlated with the rated voltage of the line. The highest voltage transmission lines (400 and 220 kV) are built using high steel constructions - openwork (lattice posts) or full-walled (pipe posts). These lines have very large lengths (often significantly exceeding 100 km) and, therefore, the poles are spaced relatively rarely (approximately every 400 m), which significantly affects the flexibility of route selection. Lower voltage lines are built using lower, more densely located structures, which makes it easier to match the route of the line to the terrain through which they are led.

An alternative to overhead lines are cable lines, which are characterized by much lower failure rate than traditional constructions, also have less impact on the environment and give much greater flexibility in running their route. However, they are much more expensive and therefore their use is practically limited to the medium voltage range (6-30 kV) and in justified cases (e.g. highly urbanized areas) to high voltage (110 kV). The use of cable lines in the highest voltage networks (400 and 220 kV) is virtually negligible due to huge costs.

Our power lines projects

The subject of the project development Investor Time limit for completion
Reconstruction of the 110 kV overhead line of the "Zielona Góra Ring" relationship: Leśniów-Łużycka, Łużycka-Braniborska, Leśniów-Przylep, Przylep-Krośnieńska together with the mapping of overhead 15 kV and 0.4 kV overhead lines crossing over Enea Operator Sp. z o.o. 2021
Construction of 2 400 kV electroenergy line Chełm-Lublin Systemowa Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. 2021
Renovation of single-circuit overhead line 110 kV S-143 relationship GPZ R-183 Oleśńica-R-2 Czechnica Tauron Dystrybucja o/ Wrocław 2019
Reconstruction of 220 kV Krajnik-Glinki line Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. 2019
Construction of Gdańsk-Przyjaźń station with the introduction of 400 kV Żarnowiec-Gdańsk Błonia line Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. 2019
Reconstruction of 110 kV Podolszyce - Góry line Energa Operator sp. z o.o. o/Płock 2018
Modernization of 110 kV line between Skawina and Bonarka in the scope of adaptation to work with increased allowable temperature of working conductors (+ 80 ° C) Tauron Dystrybucja o/ Kraków 2018
Construction project with a decision on a building permit, detailed design "Construction of 110 kV line from Namysłów gas station - Oleśnica GPZ" Tauron Dystrybucja o/ Opole 2018
Closing of the Łódź Electric Ring 110 kV - Construction of 110 kV cable line ŁÓDŹ LUBLINEK-KONSTANTYNÓW ŁÓDZKI-ALEKSANDRÓW ŁÓDZKI. Construction of 110/15 kV electroenergy station SREBRNA - Expansion of 110/15 kV PGE Dystrybucja o/ Łódź 2018
Reconstruction of 110 kV Brzesko-Wygoda line Tauron Dystrybucja o/ Kraków 2017
Project of 400 kV line between Warsaw aglomeration and Siedlce ZWSE Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. 2018
Development of technical and field-legal documentation for the modernization of 110 kV Cieśle-Bukowo line Selpol S.A. 2017
Replacement of damaged glass insulators, replacement of insulating fittings for 220 kV Abramowice-Mokre and Mokre-Chełm lines Selpol S.A. 2017
Corrections to project documentation for the construction of the 220 kV line Glinki-Recław, and 400 kV Bydgoszcz Zachód-Piła Krzewina PSE Centralna Jednostka Inwestycyjna 2017
Modernization of overhead 110 kV lines connected with the connection of wind farm Bąków and winad farm Szybowice Selpol S.A. 2016
Modernization of HV 110 kV overhead line from Pniewy to Sieraków Selpol S.A. 2016
Implementation of design services: Tczew rural commune, Task: 1 Modernization of overhead lines WN-110 KV No. 1426 Polmolek and 1427 Subkowy-Lignowy, on the section from GPZ substructure to the indentation with the designed line 110 kV Z ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A. 2016
Feasbility study for MZ 110/1 kV Matylda construction with 110 kV power lines Tauron Dystrybucja S.A. 2016
Construction project with the decision on building permit, detailed design "Construction of 400kV line MIŁOSNA-SIEDLCE" Selpol S.A. 2015
Execution of project documentation in the scope of the project of reconstruction of 220 kV line in Olsztyn - Olsztyn 1 - Włocławek Azoty and 110 kV Michelin-Jaroty line in a collision with the planned road connecting Pstrowksiego in Olsztyn with the planned Olsztyn bypass Biuro Projektów Inżynierii Ladowej Sp. z o.o. i Now-Eko Sp.z o.o. 2015
Construction project with the decision on building permit, detailed design "Construction of 400kV line MIŁOSNA-SIEDLCE" SELPOL S.A. 2015
Modernization of HV 110 kV overhead line from Pniewy to Sieraków together with the removal of a collision with overhead 15 kV lines SELPOL S.A. 2015
Reconstruction of 110 kV line Pakość - Żnin - Design and Construction RWE STOEN 2015
Connection of Rąbino wind farm with the target power of 37.5 MW to the power grid PALTRAK Sp. z o.o. 2014
Construction Lotnisko Wind Farm CJR Polska Sp. z o.o. 2015
Execution of a variant design concept and feasibility study for the construction of 110/15 kV Karpin substation and a double-circuit 110 kV power line connected to 110 kV Radzymin-Wyszków line PGE Dystrybucja S.A. 2014
Reconstruction of 110 kV overhead line Kalisz Północ-Kalisz Dobrzec PHU R.Nowicki 2013
Construction design with a decision on a construction permit, detailed design "Reconstruction of double-circuit overhead line 110 kV S-430 from Pawłowice-Brennik" SELPOL S.A. 2013
Reconstruction of the 110 kV line for the replacement of the lightning conductor at OPGW SOCHACZEW-GRODZISK SELPOL S.A. 2012
Feasibility study for increasing the current carrying capacity of 3 linear lines with a total length of 63 km and adaptation to work in the above working temperatures, i.e. 80 degrees. Energa Operator 2011
400 kV line EŁK-Nowa station RUTKI Localization study PSE Operator S.A. 2010
Replacement of insulators on 110 kV line Świebodzice-Ząbkowice PSE Zachód 2010
Building design + detailed design. Building of 110 kV two – path overhead line, circuit tower SKLĘCZKI-PKP KUTNO PKP-Energetyka Zakład Łódzki 2007
Construction project + detailed design. Reconstruction of 220kV line JANóW-PIOTRKóW Łódź SELPOL S.A. 2007
Building design + detailed design. Modernisation of MV, LV, t/t – crossing the overhead line 400kV BEŁCHATóW-TRĘBACZEW SELPOL S.A. 2007
Building design + detailed design. Modernisation of the 220/110kV overhead line. Crossing motorway A1 LISEWO-LUBICZ TRANS-PROJEKT 2007
Building design + detailed design. Modernisation of the 110 kV overhead line from BOGUSZóW substation to Polish-Czech border. ENERGIA PRO-Wałbrzych 2007
Insulation replacement on the 220 kV line ROGOWIEC-KOPALNIA Path I and II. SELPOL S.A. 2007
Construction project + detailed design. Optical fiber OPGW route on 220 kV ROGOWIEC - PIOTRKóW line SELPOL S.A. 2007
Modernisation of a 110/220/ 400kV overhead line. Crossing the district of BEŁCHATóW Trans- projekt Warszawa 2006
Construction project + detailed design. Reconstruction of 110 kV line: condition. 41 - SE NAREW SELPOL S.A. dla ZE Białystok 2006
Modernisation of a 110kV overhead line on the premises of DELL on Śląska Street in Łódź AKSA 2006
Feasibility study of construction of a 110 kV overhead line to SE POŁUDNIE in Radomsko Zakład Energetyczny Łódź - Teren 2006
FO channel on the 110 kV line ŚWIECIE-CHEŁMNO SELPOL SA dla SOLIDEX ERIKSON 2006
Modernisation of the 110kV overhead line PSSE OSTASZEWO Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonom. 2006
Cable line MV-30 kV. Wind farm DOBRZYŃ PALTRAK 2006
2-path overhead line 110 kV with OPGW FO channel to SE WOLBÓRZ. A.B.B. do Zakład Energetyczny Łódź-Teren 2006
OPGW and ADSS on the 110 kV overhead line SE CIEPLICE - SE KOWARY - SE KAMIENNA GÓRA EnergiaPro - Oddział Jelenia Góra 2005-2006
OPGW FO channel on the 110 kV overhead line SE CZARNA - SE CHOJNÓW. EnergiaPro - Oddział Legnica 2006
Building design + detailed design. Overhead line 2x400 + 2x200 kV PLEWISKA-KROMOLICE Polskie Sieci Energetyczne S.A. 2005
OPGW FO channel on the 110 kV overhead line SE SZYDŁOWIEC - SE ROŻKI - SE ZWOLEŃ Zakład Energetyczny Skarżysko - Kamienna 2005
Building design + detailed design + building permit. Modernisation on the 110 kV overhead line PODDĘBICE - ADAMóW. Circuit towers. Zakład Energetyczny Łódź - Teren 2005
Building design + detailed design + building permit. Modernisation on the 110 kV overhead line WIELUŃ - WIERUSZóW. Circuit towers. Zakład Energetyczny Łódź - Teren 2005