Renewable energy sources

wind turbine

More and more countries are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels, thanks to which renewable energy is becoming a rapidly growing source of energy production.

Renewable energy in global power systems already plays a key role, which will grow even more in the future.

ISPOL-PROJEKT offers comprehensive services at all stages of renewable energy development. From feasibility and concept studies, planning and design, to construction assistance, network connection, control and operation. Our specialists have extensive experience in assessing the economic feasibility and designing of power plants in constantly changing and often demanding environments, also with complex geological conditions and high seismic loads.

We strive to find safe and cost-effective solutions for all projects, adapted to demanding environmental conditions, with appropriate constructions designed in harmony with nature and with the least operational risk.

Our wind farm and solar farm projects

The subject of the project development Investor Time limit for completion
Modernization of overhead 110 kV lines connected with the connection of wind farm BąkÓw and wind farm Szybowice Selpol S.A. 2016
Construction Lotnisko Wind Farm CJR Polska Sp. z o.o. 2015
Connection to the power grid of 37,5 MW wind farm Rąbino PALTRAK Sp. z o.o. 2014
Execution of replacement project documentation as part of the "Construction of the Skoczykłody Wind Farm" project PBDI S.A. 2015
Construction project, detailed design "Connection to the power grid of wind farm SKOCZYKŁODY" ECO-POWER 2013
Construction of a 2MW photovoltaic farm in KonstantynÓw ŁÓdzki Varitex Ulacha i Wspólnicy Sp. j. 2012
Construction project "Connecting to the power network of CIESZĘTA wind farm" ECO-WIND 2011
Connecting to the power network of wind farm ŚTEK. Power network in the range: 110 kV line (length: 0.2 km), 110/20 kV substation, 20 kV distribution network ELWIATR 2009
Building design + detailed design. Connection of the wind power station DOBRZYŃ (44MW) to the grid. Paltrak Sp. z o.o. 2007
Cable line MV-30 kV. Wind farm DOBRZYŃ PALTRAK 2006